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Mehran Sanei has been working in Digital Arts and Animation since 1999. His current positions are Co-founder and Creative Director at Artistivo, Director at PXL Creative & MrPishook and founder of Onimations

Mehran's works have been published on prominent outlets such as the BBC and the Washington Post and have been screened in front of thousands in cinema theatres and concert venues.

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PXL Creative . Director

PXL Creative
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Founded in December of 2014 in Cambridge, PXL Creative is a small group of passionate artists who love their job, which is nothing else but to give your business a competitive edge.

Our talented team offers a complete set of design and production services, whether you’re looking for brand identity, engaging explainers, bespoke illustration or social media campaigns. Get in touch to find out how we can collaborate on your next project.

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In collaboration with influential authors, speakers and artists,the animated series Onimations explores a variety of subjects, such as zen, philosophy, psychology, and other areas that can advance our development as conscious beings.

To keep up with the animations, please follow Onimation's Instagram Page.

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MrPISHOOK is a collaboration of a group of independent artists to introduce Persian contemporary art through fashion.

MrPISHOOK designs are carefully selected to reflect a fresh and creative view of Persian art and cultural references. The status of women, thought-provoking concepts, nostalgic elements, and ironic humor are some of the main themes of the designs.

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ARTISTIVO . Creative Director